Pet Flight Management
Our mission is best in The Transport!

The Pet Flight Management Service was established in order to provide you with a professional “Pet Travel Kit”, which provides a full-range service geared to assist you in flying your pets abroad – from A to Z.

Pet Flight-Management service includes:
Flight Planning:

Our flight managers will assist you step-by-step to choose the best flight plan, taking into consideration every relevant detail : country regulations (departure & arrival), airline policies and restrictions, airport friendliness toward pets , quality of ground handlers etc. We are experts in pets and coordinating pet-flights focusing on pets’ health, safety and wellbeing. We will come up with the best flight plan according to your schedule, situation and budget.
Regulations and Documentation:

When traveling with pets internationally, rules & regulations are considerable issue. Every party that’s involved in the process has its own terms and restrictions : countries, airlines and airports all maintain different requirements for Health certificates, government approvals, vaccinations and so on. When your case is handled by our flight management specialists – you will gain peace of mind, knowing that every tiny detail is on served and taken care of by using the most advanced and updated regulatory database in the industry. We’ll make sure you will have all the required documents (Import permit, Export permit, Health certificates, Pet passport etc) needed to ship your pet, no matter where to.
Flight Kennel – Acclimation and preparation:

We assist our clients in choosing the right “home” for their pets journey. We will see to it that the flight kennel is “airline approved” and that it suits your pet according to the international aviation standards. Our main objective is to make sure your pet travel comfortably & safely with the best kenneling solutions possible.
Veterinarian Guidance:

Our in-house veterinarian will advise you regarding your pets health and safety during the flight and after landing at the new destination (which means new climate and unfamiliar diseases). The mentioned guidance will also provide you with health documentation and all the necessary information regarding specific vaccinations, does and don’ts, how to help your pet adjust to the new environment.