Pet Cargo Service

Pet cargo service is also demanded by pet owners who are not able to fly with their pets..

Pet Flight Management

The Pet Flight Management Service was established in order to provide you with a professional “Pet Travel Kit”…

Documents & Regulations

Traveling & relocating internationally with pets require operating under strict rules and regulations…

Airline Kennels & Cages

In order to fly with your pet or ship him abroad you will need an airline approved kennel/cage…

Personal Pet Courier

We are the only company to provide a specialized Pet Courier services, so that even when…

Veterinarian Support

We were established by veterinarian with over 2 decades of experience in the pet imports and exports niche….

About Starwood Pets Transportation Service.

Customers can count on our excellent supply chain to provide the best pet travel experience for their pets. Our experts will analyze your location and formulate a quicker, safer and cost effective way to deliver your pet to the specified destination, eliminating problems that may occur along the way. We perform pet cargo shipments into and/or from countries in which pet imports/exports are permitted by cargo only (countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, UK etc.). However, most countries enable pet imports and exports via commercial flights.

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Special Pet cargo Services

Since 10 years we are providing you some special services.

Customers can count on our excellent supply chain to provide the best pet travel experience for their pets.

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

We do not only provide customized storage solutions that aligns with your business, but also provide a range of other warehousing services, which includes fulfilment, returns management, packaging, specialty wrapping, transportation, logistic support, customized logistic process, supply chain management, distribution, inventory control, door-to-door transport, pick and pack operations, cross dock distribution, labelling, temperature controlled storage solutions, food grade facilities, and so on.

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You will receive an email confirming that the goods are ready for collection as soon as your order has arrived at your selected store.

Orders are packed and passed onto the courier for shipping within three business days of your original order date. If you order close to a weekend, your order may not be dispatched until the following Monday, making it up to a maximum of 5 actual days before it is passed to a courier. It’s not what anyone wants to hear, but it is a reality for international shipping and the time zones involved. It typically takes 10 – 12 days after this time your delivery to arrive. If your delivery takes longer than that it is because of weekends in between your order and/or it is waiting for customs clearance. International delivery is just the way it is, try and be comfortable with that as best as you can.

You will need to bring the following when collecting your order:

  • Proof of purchase – email
  • Your payment card or photo ID
  • If someone else is collecting your order for you, they must bring your proof of purchase, as well as their own photo ID.

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We usually process orders on the same day they are placed. If a change needs to be made to your order, please contact us at ASAP and we will do our best to accommodate that change, however, we cannot make any promises.

If the item(s) has/have already been shipped from our fulfillment center, we cannot make any changes to the order. In that case, you can return the incorrect item to our corporate offices and we will swap it for the correct item.


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