Personal Pet Courier
Our mission is best in The Transport!

We are the only company to provide a specialized Pet Courier services, so that even when you are not able to fly with your pet – your pet doesn’t have to fly alone.

Our Pet-Courier service was established in order to provide a better & more enjoyable alternative to the traditional cargo shipment route. Instead of sending your pet abroad unsupervised, as cargo luggage, we will provide a professional pet attendant to accompany your pet throughout the whole journey from the airport of departure to the final destination, anywhere on the globe. Once arriving at the final destination your pet will be delivered personally to a family member or a representative on your behalf.

Sometimes we don’t have the possibility to accompany our pet and take the flight, still- we get uncomfortable thinking of shipping our beloved pet abroad alone- That’s OK! We will send one of our professional pet attendants to accompany your pet from departure point to final destination offering you a pet-friendly, professional & unique solution to transport your pet worldwide without unpleasent surprises or transportation concerns.

Thanks to our airlines & travel agencies connections worldwide we’re able to provide you with competitive prices to this unique premium service. So much so, that in many cases, pet-courier service may be available at lower or identical price as a cargo-shipment! . By choosing the Pet-Courier Service over the cargo shipment you will guarantee that your pet will be supervised and taken care-of by a professional staff throughout the whole journy.

*Please take note : some countries demand animals importations exclusively by cargo-flights. In such cases, the pet-courier service cannot be offered. In doubt, please call us for a (free) consultation.